remember is meant to help you remember stuff.

Many people prefer to use programs such as Outlook or some organizer on their mobile phone to manage their dates. Although these programs are highly configurable and offer many features, they mostly use proprietary file formats, that can't be easily ported from one device and/or program to another.
In contrast remember uses a very simple plain text format. As it is written in Java, it also runs on most platforms. And on those platforms it doesn't run on, you could just use your favourite text editor to look up your dates.

usage example

Let's say it's the 12th of April 2011.

You successfully compiled remember and are now editing the file named "data.txt" in the data subfolder.

Now you add something like
13.04.2011 - party in the city at 20 o'clock
13.04.2011 - go to the dentist
14.04.XXXX - martha's birthday -a 1964
to the file (the XXXX ensures that you'll be reminded every year).

If you now run "java Remember" (in the source folder), you'll see the desired output:
1. party in the city at 20 o'clock
2. go to the dentist
1. martha's birthday; current age: 46

That's it. Simple, but still useful.

You can change the language, schedule deletion of old date entries and some more stuff with remember. Just have a look at "java Remember -h"

As always changing to the appropriate directory is pretty inconvenient, you'll probably want to create some bash (linux) or bat (windows) script. But you probably know how to do that...


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