infoo is a hierarchical information management program with a Qt GUI


You can find a screenshot of the infoo main window here.

usage examples

With infoo you can manage contact data, platform and browser independent bookmarks, notes and whatever else fits to a tree-based structure.

Note that even if you don't have infoo available, you can still edit the XML files manually.
If you just don't have access to a graphical environment, have a look at "infoo help" to get help related to the command-line interface.

infoo is not meant to be used with thousands of entries, but only on a smaller scale.


versionplatformlicenselanguagedependenciestranslationsuser interfacemaintaineddownloadtype
0.7.1independentGPLv3C++≥ Qt 4.6Englishgraphicalyeslaunchpad.netsource